Recovery Heart Rate

Recovery Heart Rate is the difference between your exercising heart rate and your heart rate one minutes after the exercise has stopped.
It is a good indicator to gauge your fitness level!

Recovery Heart Rate = Exercising reart rate - Heart rate one minutes after the exercise

It is better this value is larger.
Zones measure your Recovery Heart Rate only when you finish the workout over CARDIO intensities.

How to measure

Measurement of recovery heart rate starts automatically at the timing when your workout is ended in CARDIO or PEAK of your heart rate zone.
Please stop exercise during measurement and wait for recovery of heart rate.

"Recovery heart rate" refers to the heart’s ability to return to normal levels after physical activity.
Therefore, it is necessary to start the measurement from the state with increased heart rate.
For this reason, if you end in the zone below FAT BURN, recovery heart rate will not be measured.

If you want to measure recovery heart rate, please end your workout with your heart rate zone raised to over CARDIO.


The measured recovery heart rate can be confirmed on the workout details screen.
In insight, you can extract workouts with recovery heart rate recorded.