How to Show Calendars

You can see the monthly calendar with the Today widget or Apple Watch.
Coyomi iPhone app is for settings, there is no function to show the monthly calendars.

Today Widget

Today Widget is the content of the Today tab in the notification center.
Tap the date in the widget to open Apple's "Calendar" app.

Tap "Show more" to display the button for switch previous month or next month.

Add widget

  1. Swipe right over the Home screen or Lock screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit.
  3. Tap + button of Coyomi.
  4. To finish, tap Done.

Apple Watch

You can see the calendar for the past 2 months, the future 10 months.

Add Watch app

  1. Open Apple's "Watch" app.
  2. Choose "My Watch" tab
  3. Choose "Coyomi"
  4. Turn on "Show App with Apple Watch"

Tap the screen to show a list of events.