Event / Holidays are not displayed

Please confirm the following so that calendar event datas can be read.

1. Check Coyomi Settings

Open Coyomi app on iPhone, and check calendar's settings.

2. Check Permission of Calendar

Turn on to iPhone's Settings > Privacy > Calendars > Coyomi.

3. Check Existence of Events

Open Apple's "Calendar" app and check calendar's events exists.
Please set the calendar so that the event is displayed in the "Calendar" app.

4. Check Bluetooth(for Apple Watch)

The Apple Watch app connect with the iPhone app and updates datas of settings or calendar.
Please set up to Apple Watch can communicate with iPhone.
(Updated information is cached within Apple Watch)

5. Reload

  1. Open Coyomi app on Apple Watch
  2. Force touch on screen
  3. Tap "Reload" button
Normally, the calendar event is updated asynchronously, but this "Reload" is updated it synchronously.
There is a possibility that this operation can recover it.

6. Restart

If it is not fixed above, please try restarting Apple Watch and iPhone.