Recovery Heart Rate not Recorded

Version 6 and later can display the recovery heart rate after 1 and 2 minutes without measuring.

The heart rate is automatically measured for a few minutes after you finish your workout. This recording is a function of the Apple Watch, so there is no need to keep the Zones app running. If you remove the Apple Watch from your wrist, it will not be measured.

For Zones version 5 or older

Recovery heart rate starts when finishing workout with Zones app on Apple Watch.

If recovery heart rate measurement does not begin, check the following:

Cause 1: It does not end in the heart rate zone above the threshold

In order to measure recovery heart rate, it is necessary to finish the training with the heart rate zone above the threshold zone.
Even for training that includes heart rate zones not less than threshold, if your zone is a below threshold at the end of workout, the measurement will not start.

If you want to measure recovery heart rate, please end your workout with your heart rate zone more than threshold.

Cause 2: Settings is not synchronized to Apple Watch app

Settings of iPhone app is automatically transferred to the Watch app.
However, since it may be possible that it was not synchronized due to some troubles, such as after installation, please confirm with Watch application settings.
For confirmation, please refer to Settings of Apple Watch App.