Zone Time

Zone time is the total amount of time your exercise intensity has been in the zone.

Goal Value

The initial value of the goal is 150 min.
You can change the goal of Zone Time in "Settings" > "Weekly Goals".

How to Calculate

It may not match the exercise time.

Heart Rate ZoneDurationZone Time
Zone 51 min1 min
Zone 41 min1 min
Zone 31 min1 min
Zone 21 min1 min
Zone 11 min1 min
Zone 1 less1 min0 min

For a workout like above, the exercise duration is 6 minutes, but Zone Time is 5 minutes.
In addition, if "Exclude low-intensity exercise" is turned on, it may be less than 5 minutes.

If no heart rate

For workouts without heart rate data, Zone Time will be 0 minutes.