Setting of Holiday
You can set in the calendar settings > holiday calendar in the iPhone Coyomi app.
Day that something events in the set calendar has been set, will be the display of the holiday.
Normally , you may want to set the Holiday calendar which is installed by default.
If you want a holiday to your own set , please set up your own calendar.
Reference to calendars
Calendar events reference in the Watch app, depends on the type of your watchOS.
  • watchOS1: Calendar on the iPhone
  • watchOS2 ver1.1.0: Calendar on the Apple Watch
  • watchOS2 ver1.1.1: Calendar on the iPhone


Watch app doesn't work
(If app freezed of loading or showed "Failed to install")
Try to force restart the Apple Watch.
How to restart is here > Apple Support - Restart your Apple Watch
Color Theme is not reflected
Check the settings to launch the iPhone app of Coyomi.
In the case of watchOS2, it may become this state after app update.
In this case, it will work normally when you start once Coyomi iPhone app.
Calendar events didn't appear
Allow apps to access your calendar
iPhone Settings > Privacy > Calendars > Coyomi turn ON.
Can you see calendar events on the "Calendar" app in your iPhone or Apple Watch?
If it does not appear, please re-check the calendar settings of your iPhone.
If you use a watchOS2,
In ver1.1.1, it has been changed to refer to the iPhone's calendar, even if you use watchOS2. It will synchronize the calendar events at the time of state that Apple Watch can communicate with your iPhone.
If still no good..?
Please try to start Coyomi iPhone app after restart of Apple Watch.
How to show event list?

It will be displayed when you tap the calendar part in Coyomi app.
Glance can not display event list.
It does not appear when there is no set of events calendar.
Today Widget doesn't work
Please check the following.
  1. Open Coyomi app on iPhone, Check the setings of Event/Holiday calendar.
  2. Allow apps to access your calendar.
    iPhone Settings > Privacy > Calendars > Coyomi turn ON.
  3. Open Calendar app on iPhone, Check whether there are data of events/holiday.
  4. Restart your iPhone