Measuring workouts

  1. Start Zones app in Apple Watch.
  2. Select the type of workout and start.
  3. Zones and heart rate will be displayed during training.
    With vertical scrolling, distance and active calories can be displayed.
  4. There is a "end" button on the first page of side-scrolling.
    In addition , you can use this button on the screen Press and hold.
    (If you set the automatic stop / resume and running, "pause" button does not appear)
  5. At the end, if your zone is over CARDIO, it will start the measurement of the recovery heart rate.
    You can cancel this measurement at the bottom of this screen.
  6. At finished, the results is displayed.
    If the exercise time is shorter than 30 seconds, will not be stored is regarded as a cancellation.
  7. Press the "Save" button.
    It will be saved automatically after a lapse of more than one minute.