Heart Rate Recovery

Heart Rate Recovery is the difference between your exercising heart rate and your heart rate one minutes after the exercise has stopped.
It is a good indicator to gauge your fitness level!

Heart Rate Recovery = Exercising reart rate - Heart rate one minutes after the exercise

It is better this value is larger.
Since the value changes greatly depending on how much you raise the heart rate, please increase the heart rate above a certain level before measuring.
For comparison, it would be better to measure from the same heart rate.

How to Measure

In version 6 or later, it is now possible to display the heart rate after 1 minute and 2 minutes without measuring the Heart Rate Recovery of Zones.

At the time of the initial release of Zones, watchOS did not have the ability to record the Heart Rate Recovery. Now, watchOS has been improved to continuously record heart rate for several minutes after the end of a workout.


The measured Heart Rate Recovery can be confirmed on the workout details screen.

In version 6 or later, "Heart Rate Recovery" cannot be set as an item to be displayed in Insights. You can continue to use Insight that has already been set, but the Heart Rate Recovery in Insight and in workout details may differ in numerical values. The difference in values is due to time lag in measurement and other reasons.