Can not Save / Display Workouts

Your workout data measured by Zones is saved to Apple Health on Apple Watch.
Apple Watch synchronize iPhone for healthcare data.(not Zones app)

Please check the following in order to determine where the cause is.

1. Shown permission dialog of health when measuring

Zones need health permission to measure your workouts.
Check the Permissions of Apple Health.

2. If an error occurs at saving

If it is the same error even if you save again, please try restarting Apple Watch device.
(If there is an unsaved workout, a save dialog is displayed when starting zones watch app.)

3. if the save button is not displayed after the measurement

Workout of less than 30 seconds will not be recorded.
If the exercise time is less than 30 seconds are not recorded.
Please exercising for more than 30 seconds.

4. if saving is completed but workout is not displayed on iPhone

if "SAVED" is displayed and app switch to the top screen, your workout data was saved to Apple health successfully.
Make sure iPhone's Apple Health has a workout data.

  1. Open Apple "Health" app
  2. Tap the "Browse" of tab
  3. Tap the "Activity"
  4. Tap the "Workouts"
  5. Tap the "Show All Data"

4-1. If there is a record in Apple Health

Check the Permissions of Apple Health.

4-2. If there is not a record in Apple Health

Synchronization of dealth data between Apple Watch and iPhone may not be normal.
Please try the following.

1. Make iPhone and Apple Watch communicate

Please enable iPhone and Apple Watch to communicate.
Apple Support: If your Apple Watch isn‘t connected or paired with your iPhone

2. Wait for a while

Synchronization of healthcare may take time. Please wait for a while and check again.

3. Restart iPhone and Apple Watch

Synchronization may resume by rebooting.

4. Check whether health synchronization processing is running

If there is a problem with Apple Health's sync, these data will not be updated either.

5. Update to the latest OS

A bug may have been fixed with the latest iOS, watchOS.

6. Repair Apple Watch

If it can not be solved by the above, Unpair and repair as "New Apple Watch" will recover in many cases, but please note that the data during that time will be lost.
Apple Support: Set up your Apple Watch