Integration with Other Apps

Zones app link with other app via Apple Health (HealthKit).
Apple Health is an ecosystem for health care provided by Apple.
Zones app supports both reading and writing workouts to Apple Health.

If other app supports writing workouts to Apple Health, you can see that workouts in Zones app.
If other app supports reading workouts from Apple Health, you will be able to see workout measured with Zones in that app.

Try to link to Apple Health with other apps!

Examples of Other Apps

Connect Apple Health in Settings > Apps,Services, and Devices.
Runkeeper Help Center: Apple HealthKit
Turn on Apple Health in Settings > Partner Accounts
Runtastic Help: Apple Health Workout Data
Nike+ Run Club.
You will be prompted to connect to Apple Health during application installation.
Connect Health in More > Settings > Link Other Services
Strava Support: Health App Integration - iPhone

Of course, you can also display what you recorded with iPhone's Health App or Apple Watch's Workout App.

Heart Rate

Heart rate is read from Apple Health.
Regardless of whether or not there is connected with workout, zone time and exercise intensity are judged based on all heart rate recorded in Apple Health.

The heart rate registered from Apple Watch is usually recorded in a few minutes, but it will be recorded in detail every few seconds while measuring with a workout compatible application.
In order to obtain accurate information, we recommend that you measure with a workout compatible application on Apple Watch.


If there are distance datas connected with your workout, it loads it.
If there is no connected data, split time is not displayed.
You can check if it is connected with workout in Apple Health application.

There is a difference in the content of the distance data by the application.

Measuring deviceConnectionConnection at pause
ZonesApple Watchyesno
Apple's Workout appApple Watchyesno
RunKeeperApple Watchyesno
RuntasticApple Watchnono
Nike+ Run ClubApple Watchyesyes
StravaApple Watchyes(summarized)-
Zones conform to the Apple's workout app.

Split Time

If distance datas are connected with your workout, split time is displayed.
But it is not displayed when the distance is smaller than 1 km(mile).

Calculation of pace uses time excluding pause time.
It uses distance including pause time.

Nike + Run Club
Split time is incorrect if pose is included, due to different usage of distance data.
(The display on Zones may be a faster pace than it actually is.)

It seems that the pace of split is calculated by the time including pause time.
Therefore, there is a possibility that it is different from the value with Zones.

Split time is not displayed because distance data is not connected to Workout.

※This is information at the time of October, 2016.