Measurement of Ski / Snowboarding

Measure workout with "Downhill Skiing" and "Snowboarding" activities, you can record distances, slope slope etc using Apple Watch's barometer.

This function is newly added in watch OS 4.2.
Apple Watch (watch OS) is doing measurement and calculation of distance, Zones saves the result.
For information on the measurement contents, please refer to Apple's reference.
Apple Reference: Receiving Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding Data

This help contains information based on our experiences and there is the possibility of inaccurate information.
If you notice any problems, it will be helpful if you can contact us via feedback from the app settings!

Distance Measurement Condition

Distances and segments are recorded only when all of the following conditions are satisfied.

  1. Zones ver 2.0 or over
  2. iOS11.2, watch OS 4.2 or over
  3. Apple Watch Series 3 or over

Although it is possible to record workouts other than the above, distance and segments are not recorded.

Attention on Measurement

Recorded Data

Distance and Segments are recorded.
These are the data created by the watch OS.
Therefore, behaviors may differ due to differences in watch OS version.


Your distance data records to "Downhill Snow Sports Distance" by watch OS.
Zones collects this distance data and register to your workout. You can check the distance data in Apple's "Health" app.

It is not a distance calculation using difference of GPS position like running and walking, so distance is not measured even if you move on a flat ground.


When a downhill is detected, the detailed information is recorded as a segment.
The segment contains the following information.

  1. Average Speed
  2. Maximum Speed
  3. Slope Gradient
  4. Descent Altitude

You can see Workout Segments on workout details on the Zones iPhone app.

When recording fails

  1. Please check whether the measurement conditions are satisfied.
  2. Please exercise with altitude changing.
    Distance is not measured even if you move on a flat ground.
  3. If it is not a movement that goes downhill, even if the altitude changes, it may not be possible to record.
    (Vertical movement like elevator ascending and descending)