Zones is constantly being updated to support the latest OS, and support for OS older than 3 generations is being phased out. As a result, if you are using an older Apple Watch device, you may not be able to use this app.

For example, if iOS 15 is the latest OS, iOS 15 and iOS 14 will be supported. iOS 13 and earlier will be phased out, and the latest Zones apps will not be able to be installed.

Zones Ver.Min OS availableLatest OS at the time of Zones release
5.X.XiOS 13.0, watchOS 6.0iOS 15, watchOS 8
4.X.XiOS 12.0, watchOS 5.1iOS 14, watchOS 7

The current version covers up to three generations of the OS, but future versions may cover up to two generations.

Note on Apple Watch

If your watchOS is older than iOS, you may not be able to install the Zones Watch app.
For example, if you have iOS 13 but watchOS 5, you will not be able to install the Watch app after updating to Zones 5.0. After updating iOS, please update watchOS as well.

Depending on your Apple Watch model, you may not be able to update to the latest watchOS due to Apple's lack of support.
Please check your Apple Watch and update the OS and apps.

Apple Watch ModelFinal Supported OSRelease Date
First GenwatchOS 4.3.2April 24, 2015
Series 1watchOS 6.3September 12, 2016
Series 2watchOS 6.3September 16, 2016

The Apple Watch First Gen is not compatible with Zones.
Apple Watch Series 2 and earlier models may soon become unavailable as they cannot be updated to the latest OS.