Route Map does not Appear

In Zones, to record the position information of the GPS, and then displayed as a route map .
If it does not appear , please check the following.

1. Target Activities

To record in the case of the following activity type.
Otherwise, it will not be recorded.

※ It does not record in the case of "Indoor"

2. Check Permission of Location

  1. Open "Settings" app in iPhone
  2. Tap "Zones"
  3. Location is "While Using"

If it is "Never", please change it to allow.

3. Check Permission of Workout Routes (iOS 11)

If you have iOS 11 + watchOS or later and Zones ver1.4.0 or later, Zones app save route datas to Apple Health.
Please check if there is permission to read / write "Workout Routes" in Apple Health.
Check the Permissions of Apple Health

4. Confirm Existance of Route Records (iOS 11)

If you have iOS 11 + watchOS 4 or later and Zones ver1.4.0 or later, you can check if there is route information in Apple Health.

  1. Open Apple "Health" app
  2. Tap "Health Data" of tab
  3. Tap "Activity"
  4. Tap "Workouts"
  5. Tap "Show All Data"
  6. Tap your workout and show detail
  7. Is there a route map?

If the workout route is registered in Apple Health, the route map will be displayed even for workouts registered with other app.
Whether the map is displayed in the Apple "Activity" application?
Seems to depend on the acquired GPS datas and it is not necessarily displayed even if there is workout route information.

5. iOS 10 + watchOS 3

If iOS 10 + watchOS 3 or Zones ver1.3 or less, Route map is displayed only for workouts registered with Zones app.

Route map information is sent from Apple Watch to iPhone, but communication between devices may not work properly.
In order to test for connecting, tap "Sync Now" on Setting of Apple Watch App.

If it can not communicate, restart app or restart Apple Watch.

6. Update to iPhone is Delayed

Synchronization of route information may be delayed.
This depends on the state of Apple Health (HealthKit), not the Zones app.
If it does not seem to be synchronized even if you wait for a while, please try restarting Apple Watch.

7. Location Data is not Accurate

If location accuracy is bad, it may not be recorded. To improve accuracy, please turn on WiFi.

※ Zones saves the location data that HorizontalAccuracy is 100 m or less.