Restore PRO purchase

If you already purchased PRO, you can restore it without having to purchase it again.
(PRO is a non-consumable purchases item)

How to restore

  1. Show "Upgrade to PRO"
    You can show this from "Stats" of tab.
  2. Tap "Restore Purchases" button.

If you try to restore and nothing happens

if app shows "Regrant Failed"

Regrant Failed
Please purchase the software application first.

This error message is caused when two different Apple ID’s are used when downloading the app and trying to restore a purchase.

  1. Sign out to the App Store
  2. Sign in again with the correct account
  3. Restart your iPhone
  4. Restore purchases with Zones app
If you can not fix by the above, remove Zones app and reinstall it.
Be sure to select "Keep" the health data when removing the app. see:Delete App, Change Device